Welcome to
a new way
of making
a difference.

Why do we need

Because the generation gap
everyone's talking about is
really an opening
that we
can all go through

Millions of people
50 and older
are hurting.

These people are not strangers to you. They're in your community. They could even be your parents or grandparents.

It's just wrong fixable.

Because as part of the younger generation, you have what they need.

Well, for starters...

Hold a food drive.
Help the nearly 9 million people 50+ at risk for hunger put food on their table.
(PDF Guide)
Teach Facebook safety.
Help someone 50+ stay safe and control the information they share on Facebook.
(PDF Guide)
Be a digital coach.
Show someone 50+ how to use the web and social media to discover new connections.
(PDF Guide)
Find volunteer opportunities in your area.
Use this volunteer location finder to find Mentor Up opportunities in your zip code.

The need is

How many people 50-64 don't know how to use the internet to connect with loved ones or job opportunities?
1 in 4 Americans 50-64 don't know how to use the internet, and they're missing out. Share with your friends and see how they do!
Check out this new way to make a difference!

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Mentor Up is all about people like you working in partnership with your community and leading organizations. Together, we can help those 50 and older get reconnected and back in control of their lives.